Saturday, December 17, 2016

Resolution of No-Time

Busy Time for the Mowers - Grigoriy Myasoyedov

The reality is plastic enough to play with it. Although it's hard to change our perceptions when we're grown enough to be called adults, there is some space left to experiment. Acknowledge this: look at the times you write emails in a haste, serve someone in your workplace, prepare for exam or write a message to some friend. There is a certain haste in those activities. Where does it come from? Look deeper into daily routines.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Brain Workout

One of the habits I restored recently is workout. I love doing pushups and pullups, feeling the breath going in and out and taking a cold shower in the end. I also started focusing more on what is important for me and spending less time on facebook and other social media websites. What I discovered though is that the way we build our muscles and make a strong body works the same way it works for the mind.

I was always wondering why creating a new habit and sticking to it makes me be more effective in other habits. When I discontinue old habits, I also discontinue the other habits I developed successfully. My theory is that being lazy makes your brain lose its control over other things too. To preserve brain in a 'good shape' it's important to make a 'brain workout'. Otherwise it turns into the old animal machine needing only food, sex and instant satisfaction available just few clicks away.
I have to admit, it's not really easy. I failed a lot. However, I have a few tricks that help me deal with it and continue making my brain fit and strong.

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