Friday, April 20, 2018

Swim of Life

I'm sitting in my sofa. Tired, joyfully exhausted and a little sleepy. I did some literature review for my professor Dr. Schwartz, organized a makeup exam for undergraduates, sent emails to my customers, attended evening class, went to swimming and did a bit coding, stopping in the end because of tiredness. Just made some tea and waiting for it to steep. I wish I could do more today. I wish I could continue coding and do more, but that's the end of the day and what I will do next is grab my glass, sip my tea and enjoy a nice evening with my girlfriend watching a movie. Finishing my coding activity and lying on the floor to relax a bit, I realized something. I'm not a good swimmer. I really suck at it as I never really tried hard to learn how to swim. Here in the US I got some motivation to learn to swim and nowadays I'm doing better. Today while swimming in the pool and reaching to the middle of the line, I was out of breath, using all my strength of arms and legs to reach until the end. Although I made it until the end, it was not the best trial. For a professional swimmer, it would be a pain to watch.

What I realized is that our life is like a swimming pool line. Imagine that each inch of that pool equals an hour in a day. We get into the water, we make a first movement to start swimming, we start, we swim, we develop and in some ways reach until the end. Bad start usually means you won't be able to swim properly. Bad mornings make your days more stressful and full of negativity. In the same way, we may want to do many things, but until you reach the end of the line, you will be out of breath. You may try to do a lot, but that won't look great either. Some people have many ideas and too many motivations to start different things. I'm that type. I have so many ideas and interests, that's it's hard for me to just focus on one. I enjoy my days. But probably I will take more time than other people who just focus on just one or two things. I'm ok with it and I feel that I am developing my skills slowly, but nicely and mindfully.
The question is, do you want a swim with few movements, artfully playing in water and having a nice ending or do you want to use all your energy and body until you reach the end of your line, with all your breath gone for a divine final rest?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Productivity Boost with To-Do Lists

Last week I started experimenting with to-do lists. I started writing all the tasks that I have to finish until the end of the day and check them once they were done. However, it's not only about prioritizing the tasks in hand. I started tracking the time spent for each of these tasks and distractions in between.