Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love has got lost

I was thinking today about creating a novel. A novel where I can write my thoughts about love. Yeah, these days love has become a very usual word, with no special meaning, but something very cheap by getting a girl to your bed.
But that's how we love. We love for the bed. We never love for the face. That's our instinct. We can do nothing with that. It's like capitalism. They are the same. Instincts. They rule us. The Love rules us. The money rules us. The wildness rules us. And when you start thinking about that, it drives you mad. "Man, I don't believe you! It can't be just instincts. We are the people. We are the people who are different from the animals and we have intellect, we have a clever mind and we react with each other and we love." - you say. And I say: "yes, man. We are the people evolved from the animals. We are the people with huge brains and no mind at all. We are the people who never use our brains and it's worse. It could be easier if we were animals. It could be easier to love each other. It could be easier to be simple. We never had clever minds, but clever thoughts which nobody understands. Except us... We know every single thing. We know everything inside. Maybe we just knew. Maybe it's just my teacher who cleared my mind into something "cute" and "clever". Maybe it's my parents. Maybe it's just the people around me thinking only about their university or job all the time. No time to think about the moment they live. And losing themselves on the roads of finding themselves in the cool job places. In the luxury places. Living in golden cages."


 " Lost myself... 
       hell is there 
       look! you're sitting on it 
         god damn it!
        you've just smashed it."

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