Sunday, December 18, 2011

No need to run and hide. It's a Complicated Life.

Wonderful World? Which one? The one that's full of terrorism, racism, people talking about politics and never knowing the real state? In order to get your brain washed, take a TV SHOWer.
If you don't make rules, the government will make rules for you. If you don't make a prison for yourself, the government will build prisons for you. Interesting fact. Nobody is Free. Yes, it's the fact. Are you reading this post ? You're not free to not read it. Free is the person who doesn't have a choice. Not in the meaning that if somebody makes choices for you. But in the fact that, in our everyday life we have to choose something. To do or not to do. To work or not. To read or not. To listen or not. Everything is established by choosing something. So, even not choosing something means choosing or doing something. Because we are part of this system. Staying there we can only choose these small parts of the whole system. In order to not choose we have to be out of it (which only maybe possible by meditation). There's the Reason and the Consequence. We only know the Consequence. The one who know the Reason is free and doesn't need to think. He just watches. Watches and laughs at us like Laughing Buddha (who was laughing to the fact that there's no absolute truth).
So, about prisons.