Saturday, January 28, 2012

the day that was funny

Life is funny when your mood becomes the same as the tone of the song you're listening.
Life is funny when you're happy and dying of sorrow at the same time while you're drinking your next cup of beer or wine.
Life is funny when looking at yourself at the mirror every morning you see reality on your face
On your teeth,
On your beard full of hairs,
On your messy hair climbing onto the empty walls.

Life is not funny when your mood doesn't change listening to another tone
Life is not funny when another cup of beer makes you mad thinking about the people around who went crazy like you
Life is not funny when looking at yourself in the mirror every morning you see another face
On your clean teeth
On your shaved chin
On your neat hair sitting on your head and making you go blind.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Being RESPONSible ... and Moral

This word has never sounded so awful.
Responsibility. The root of the word: "response", "to respond". It means your responsiveness to the outside world, how you're related to it and what are you going to do for the world, so people will be sure that you're reliable and deserve to be trusted. I looked for the definition of this word in Merriam Webster Dictionary and here you are:
: a moral, legal, or mental accountability
Moral, legal, mental accountability. Man, you're stupid, you're not responsible. That's how the whole system works. If you're not with us, then you don't deserve our trust. You don't deserve to be respected. We know who you are: YOU're UNRESPONSIBLE BASTARD! YOU DON'T RESPOND TO OUR SIGNALS THAT WE SEND TO YOU! 
We don't know if you deserve our judgement. We don't know how to treat you now, goddamn it! You're immoral, illegal and mentally unaccountable! 
What's moral? Moral is the chain of actions, which are treated by the public as the right actions. Moral is the system of filtering people to get to know the strong and weak people.