Sunday, January 8, 2012

Being RESPONSible ... and Moral

This word has never sounded so awful.
Responsibility. The root of the word: "response", "to respond". It means your responsiveness to the outside world, how you're related to it and what are you going to do for the world, so people will be sure that you're reliable and deserve to be trusted. I looked for the definition of this word in Merriam Webster Dictionary and here you are:
: a moral, legal, or mental accountability
Moral, legal, mental accountability. Man, you're stupid, you're not responsible. That's how the whole system works. If you're not with us, then you don't deserve our trust. You don't deserve to be respected. We know who you are: YOU're UNRESPONSIBLE BASTARD! YOU DON'T RESPOND TO OUR SIGNALS THAT WE SEND TO YOU! 
We don't know if you deserve our judgement. We don't know how to treat you now, goddamn it! You're immoral, illegal and mentally unaccountable! 
What's moral? Moral is the chain of actions, which are treated by the public as the right actions. Moral is the system of filtering people to get to know the strong and weak people.
We've already been responsible to our parents, school, university and during all that time also to the government calling its name as "Motherland". We're responsible to all this shit during our lives and still believing this bullshit. It doesn't work - I checked it, so do my parents! I'm amazed how people still believe it and still responsible for every organisation they take a path. Like they're still blind or still wearing a mask and maybe asking at nights to themselves: "but really, - WHAT THE HECK?
The real people: Marthin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Che Guevara - I don't believe they woke up every bright morning asking themselves: "so, what's my responsibility?" or "which organisation should I go now?".
Hey, man. The Government is the organistaion, your school is your organisation, your workplace is your organisation and all they want from you is your RESPONSIVEness and RESPONSILIBITY which brings them MONEY and the POWER. They want to be sure that you work or get educated for them and still living for their benefits. They wait for your RESPONSES. Answer! Where's your Path? Do you create it in a way others tell you or you make it foolishly, but in your way? Maybe they tell you that you're creating your own way, by challenges, opportunities. But wait. Are these opportunities and challenges created by them or by you? Do you see the challenge? Where? In your running in some position or finding new partner for a new project or cleaning your school tables so your teacher will praise you? 
Are you living or what? Or maybe trying to live better? Everyday lying to yourself with "experience"? 
Repeating others' actions is not an experience. It's repeating. It's not about Creativity. You Consume. You're a little consumer not differing from a usual child going to McDonald's with her daddy or mama and buying some ice cream thinking about how really delicious it is, not knowing what it took to other people to do in order to get you to your pleasure. I wish we'd still be little children not caring about anything. But we're not. WE're little liars. Little clowns making a fake face everyday just for a dream of something BIG in near future. To be part of everybody. Not even thinking about creating the culture. Not consuming. The creators of new generations and revolutions are brought by the people who doubt. Who DOUBT! Questions appear of DOUBTS. Why do you think? Because you doubt. You're not sure. I bet you're not sure what the heck is happening now, neither do I. That's why I wrote this. To find a way to my thoughts. To get to the end that will never come but WILL CHANGE SOMETHING. The people who brought changes to this world they BROKE THE LAWS. They've crossed the lines of morality and stepped to immorality. And now we think of them as World-Changing People. The Leaders of Thought.
just be Responsible for YOURSELF - that's all that matters. Bring the change, do what you want. But please stop going by the laws of others. Destroy the structures that were built.
"Whoever has overthrown an existing law of custom has always first been accounted a bad man: ... - history treats almost exclusively of these bad men who subsequently became good men!" 
"Suspicious.-- To admit a belief merely because it is a custom - but that means to be dishonest, cowardly, lazy! - And so could dishonesty, cowardice and laziness be the preconditions for morality?" (from Nietzsche's Daybreak's)

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