Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Music Generation

I don't know what's the biggest difference between the generation I live in and the generation that lived before, but I only can say that there's no dirtiness left. I mean in music. Starting from the first Elvis show till 2004 there has been something magic and dirty in music which I can't feel now. It seems like after the "grunge" subgenre has appeared in rock music it has reached its top and died since then. Pixies, Nirvana,Pearl Jam, R.E.M - the dirtiest bands ever. Dirtier than Sex Pistols.

Punk has also been the image of

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art or Trash?

Yesterday I watched a film called "Untitled" and this film became one of the most important films about "arts" for me. The film touched some of unanswered questions that I've asked to myself, i.e. "What's a noise and what's music?" and "What's a real Art?". In modern culture, modern arts which is being surrounded by abstract, postmodernist and other art movements, there are plenty of artists, musicians which draw something "unusual" and call it "ART". Who decided what's ART? Critics? Artists? Simple people? Men? Women? Homosexuals? Or maybe businessmen?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thoughts on Hermann Hesse - "Siddhartha"

Siddhartha is ninth novel by Hermann Hesse written in 1922. The novel is about the man called Siddhartha (the same name with Gotama Buddha, that's why it can be mistakenly thought that the book is about Buddha) who is raised in the family of Brahmin. He's raised up with his friend Govinda and later they decide to leave their houses and start a journey with Samans (ascetic people) in a search of enlightenment. But Siddhartha feels that during these years he's spending with Samans not much has changed and his expectation were not these.

They were in search of enlightenment, but found only meaningless poverty. In a conversation with his friend Govinda, Siddhartha says:
- "We're doing meditation and trying to be enlightened, but it lasts only some moment. We're still in the same place, same circle. What's the difference between us and drunkards? They spend their times drinking and having fun seeing something new. The same with us. It last some time for us to get off the earth in our mind and then we're here again. The same place and the same condition."