Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art or Trash?

Yesterday I watched a film called "Untitled" and this film became one of the most important films about "arts" for me. The film touched some of unanswered questions that I've asked to myself, i.e. "What's a noise and what's music?" and "What's a real Art?". In modern culture, modern arts which is being surrounded by abstract, postmodernist and other art movements, there are plenty of artists, musicians which draw something "unusual" and call it "ART". Who decided what's ART? Critics? Artists? Simple people? Men? Women? Homosexuals? Or maybe businessmen?

Actually not. Those decide ART who understand ART. I mean what you understand or misunderstand of it.
If you hear a noise when you hear "avant-garde" music , then simply that's because you are not able to listen it. It's not what you wanted to hear. Leave it to others. They heard much more than you, so maybe they can hear music instead of noise. Maybe someone doesn't like Mozart or Vivaldi. It's noise for them! Like rock music. Like Charles Bukowski said: "I like classical music. Rock and jazz are too noisy".

But the problem is not finishing in it. The thing is everything is "too much, too many". Information flow is swallowing us and in this ocean of plenty information it's getting hard and hard to create something new if you're afraid what people will think about it. Even the simple dot can finish with a big art project. Or vise versa :)

However I think there's still something to create. I don't know what, but I'm sure if I start it's gonna be something new at least for me. Maybe for the country I live in. Problematic countries have been inspiration for many artists, musicians through the ages. Let's take Germany for example. Germany of the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Look over the internet and you'll find tons of artistic creations on this subject. Caricatures, new art movements.

I don't even know if there's ending line coming (especially in Western Europe), but I think in the old times of Renaissance there were people thinking that it's the end of Art :)

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