Friday, November 2, 2012

Art of expectations.

What is the thing that makes us the same with other people except our body? Maybe failure? Despair? According to the study, France and USA are the countries with the highest depression rates in the world. As it says, "on average, 15 percent of people in high-income countries reported having an episode, compared with 11 percent in low-income countries".
Does money make us happier? Yes it does.
Then why would a man in the USA or any country who gets enough money not be satisfied with his life?
Do they expect more? Probably yes. They expect to get more and more, more love, more money, more respect, higher position and etc. If you expected more and didn't get it, you'll never be satisfied of what you have right now. What makes us happy is the implementation of our expectations. If a meal on your table, just a little piece of bread is enough for you to get you through the day, you'll be happy. However, it is connected to your mind of self-awareness. Workplaces, schools, TV will deny your initial needs of "enough". They want you to want more. To work more, to get more, to buy more, to consume more, to watch more, to listen to music more and then... die slowly :)
What is the way to get out of it? I have the answer: JUST GET OUT OF IT! Sounds easy right? Actually it is not easy to eat your food patiently, not watching TV. Actually it is not easy to not listen to music in bus, metro or in the park. But have you ever wondered what people SOUND like? Have you ever listened to them? What is their smell? What are their names? How they act? Do you remember the eyes of a passenger getting in the train? Wasn't she beautiful? Have you ever wondered that we can breathe? Did you ever listen to it? Can you breathe like a baby? Try it now and you'll discover more then you expected.

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