Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Don't think that progress exists. It doesn't."

Shocking, yeah? Yes, but not wrong. I read this quote by Ron Padgett just half an hour ago and I can say it's the best quote I read this month. You can find it quite amusing or funny, but still you can close the window if you're not interested to know what it's all about. I bet most of the books you read, film you watch, lectures you listen are connected to self-improvement, motivation, development and etc. But have you ever stopped for a minute and think: "Does it all make a sense and what have changed in these years since I've not been doing it all?"

 Maybe you watch TED videos everyday

Friday, December 28, 2012

mnmlist: the minimalism of not knowing

It's a post I took from written by Leo Babauta

These days, nearly everything we want to know is a few keystrokes away, almost instantly gratifying our desire to know something.
What’s the weather like outside? Do a quick check of your weather app. Who the heck is Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Ask Wikipedia. Who is the lead boy actor in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom? Search Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, et al will tell you anything you want to know, right now.
Isn’t that incredible? Just 20 years ago, that was unthinkable. If you wanted to know something, you might turn on the TV and hope to get lucky, or look in your encyclopedias (if you had them) and hope to get lucky, or go to the library and hope to get lucky. Most of the time, you had to settle on not knowing.
One of the things I’ve noticed from turning off my computer periodically throughout the day (I work in 30-minute chunks), is that when the computer is off, I often think of a question I want answered — and my first instinct is to go to the computer and search. I’d know in like 4 seconds!
But then I pause, and examine that urge. Is it a true need, to know right now? Can I not wait 30 minutes, or even a few hours, or a day? Of course I can. It’s not a matter of life or death, or national security, or anything important really.
And so I stop myself, and make a note to look it up later. Then I notice something else interesting:

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Minimalist Azerbaijan Film Posters

I've spent the past week learning new Photoshop tricks to create the posters which could have "minimalistic" effect. So, today I've made it ready. Two Azerbaijani films which were filmed during Soviet Regime: "O olmasin, bu olsun" (If Not That One, Then This One) and "Bext Uzuyu" (Wedding Ring). I tried to make it as simple as I could, but at the same time "reminding" film watchers the details of the film. This is the result!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Azərbaycan Universitetlərində Bolonya Sisteminin Tətbiqi Haqda

Təhsil haqda söhbətlər, debatlar, araşdırmalar ilk baxışda şablon, illərlə təkrarlanan bir problem kimi görünür. Bu da görünür ondan irəli gəlir ki, problem çox müddət təkrarlandıqca o artıq problem olmur, əksinə adətə çevrilir. Azərbaycanın televiziya kanalları bəlkə hər həftə təhsildə bir problemlə bağlı verilişlər hazırlayır. Amma onlardan bir xeyir olsaydı, yəqin ki, bu bloq postda özüm bu məsələləri araşdırmazdım, rahatca başqalarının bu problemi həll edəcəyini gözləyərdim. Məncə burada yatıb qalmayaq, davam edək.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Modern Times...

Modern economy and so-called "freedom of society" brought us many opportunities and a lot of challenges for self-improvement and the improvement for society. These opportunities consist of two things joined together: information and the right moment. I didn't mention "right place", because right moment is right because it is in a right place. However, there's an obstacle standing right in the middle. It's between information and right moment. It's the lack of concentration that gets here. All sort of information we have in our homes, offices, transport, streets they all bring us somewhere else. Some of them will link us with our dreams of a better future and comfort, some of them will link us to advertisements and most of them are advertisements and they link us to all the bullshit we could never imagine. Nobody would ever worry about that, because, actually, we don't need worries. That's our retardation. It will make us stop where we are and continue just where we started it all. It will be a never-ending circle of start and end, start and end, start and end... Stop!
Before writing this blog post I made some research about concentration

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Influence of Films

Some say "films influence the society", others say "society influence films". I'd rather say that it's a permanent interaction. Hollywood films are mostly based on society's views and what Hollywood would like people to watch. Indie films that are created by the people like us, who shoot films with the low budget are more society-oriented. They have more experience deriving from the despair or happiness of the community they live in. That's the another reason why these films don't get much attention. Now, to change people you must initially show people who they are. Play a role of the mirror. People often become unaware of themselves when they don't have the doubts. Doubts are forming us. As Descartes said "I think, therefore I exist", "I doubt, therefore I do exist" should be more to the point. After watching "Rambo" you'll feel like a hero who wants to save the world or fighter or super badass and walk with these wild eyes all through the day. And the other day nothing left of it. It's kind of euphoria. After watching "Waking Life" it makes you think and you kind of become a philosopher and you try to decide what reality you're living in. That's how it changes you. Also, there's a common point in films and books: you get different feelings every other time you start watching it or reading. That's because films remind you something from your past or something you were thinking about before. You get pleasure as you, at last, find someone who was thinking like you.

I'd divide films on 3 categories: