Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Don't think that progress exists. It doesn't."

Shocking, yeah? Yes, but not wrong. I read this quote by Ron Padgett just half an hour ago and I can say it's the best quote I read this month. You can find it quite amusing or funny, but still you can close the window if you're not interested to know what it's all about. I bet most of the books you read, film you watch, lectures you listen are connected to self-improvement, motivation, development and etc. But have you ever stopped for a minute and think: "Does it all make a sense and what have changed in these years since I've not been doing it all?"

 Maybe you watch TED videos everyday or inspire yourself with inspirational quotes with the faces of famous on it. But does it matter at all when we don't do anything and keep procrastinating every little thing once we wanted to do or to have?

That's why progress DOESN'T exist! It's right here in ourselves. Image an egg. Inside the egg we have yolk (yellow part) and the white. Let's think that yellow part is the progress and white part is the challenges we meet on the way to progress. When you only want to have the yolk, some white parts will come to your plate. Whatever you do, you'll always have challenges in your way. Laziness, some people, situation, things around disturbing you and etc. Just make something right now! Right now! Stop reading...

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