Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Influence of Films

Some say "films influence the society", others say "society influence films". I'd rather say that it's a permanent interaction. Hollywood films are mostly based on society's views and what Hollywood would like people to watch. Indie films that are created by the people like us, who shoot films with the low budget are more society-oriented. They have more experience deriving from the despair or happiness of the community they live in. That's the another reason why these films don't get much attention. Now, to change people you must initially show people who they are. Play a role of the mirror. People often become unaware of themselves when they don't have the doubts. Doubts are forming us. As Descartes said "I think, therefore I exist", "I doubt, therefore I do exist" should be more to the point. After watching "Rambo" you'll feel like a hero who wants to save the world or fighter or super badass and walk with these wild eyes all through the day. And the other day nothing left of it. It's kind of euphoria. After watching "Waking Life" it makes you think and you kind of become a philosopher and you try to decide what reality you're living in. That's how it changes you. Also, there's a common point in films and books: you get different feelings every other time you start watching it or reading. That's because films remind you something from your past or something you were thinking about before. You get pleasure as you, at last, find someone who was thinking like you.

I'd divide films on 3 categories:

1) films that create a conformist state in people
2) films shaking people's mind
3) films pretending to be revolutionary and doubting.

Watch "Network" film (I highly recommend it for watching) of 1976 to get to know what I'm talking about on #3 category. Watch this scene below from [01:12].

Finally, it's a choice of a man to get the most of the film. Approaching the film from scenario perspective you'll pay attention the scenario most of all. Approaching from the directing point your eyes will gaze all the film mindlessly listening. That's why it's better to watch a film without having initial goal of getting something of it and getting all the gifts it can give you. This approach is called aimless. Be aimless when you watch something or read a book. Get everything and be foolish. Then Learn!

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