Saturday, December 15, 2012

Modern Times...

Modern economy and so-called "freedom of society" brought us many opportunities and a lot of challenges for self-improvement and the improvement for society. These opportunities consist of two things joined together: information and the right moment. I didn't mention "right place", because right moment is right because it is in a right place. However, there's an obstacle standing right in the middle. It's between information and right moment. It's the lack of concentration that gets here. All sort of information we have in our homes, offices, transport, streets they all bring us somewhere else. Some of them will link us with our dreams of a better future and comfort, some of them will link us to advertisements and most of them are advertisements and they link us to all the bullshit we could never imagine. Nobody would ever worry about that, because, actually, we don't need worries. That's our retardation. It will make us stop where we are and continue just where we started it all. It will be a never-ending circle of start and end, start and end, start and end... Stop!
Before writing this blog post I made some research about concentration
and this is one of the search results which is blaming the lack of concentration on neurobiology!

"It is not always easy for adolescents to pay attention in class without letting their minds wander, or to ignore distractions from their younger sibling when trying to solve a maths problem," ... "But it's not the fault of teenagers that they can't concentrate and are easily distracted. It's to do with the structure of their brains. Adolescents simply don't have the same mental capacities as an adult."

What about facebook full of photos of friends, pictures of nature, cars, pictures for inspiration with quotes on it? What about TV showing commercials of men wear, women wear, children wear, monkey wear? Wouldn't that neurobiologist think about getting car instead of solving math problem if it seems like a better pleasure? 

So, now! What to we need to do in order to get rid of all that bullshit they write down there and start concentrating in the real things that we really wanna do and feel? Let's check some tips.

Practice doing or thinking about only one thing. While surfing on internet, open only one or two tabs. Not more! It will help you to concentrate on one subject at a time and don't get filled with too much information and getting nothing in the end.
Check your email and facebook less and less. Practice it. No one will die if you don't read a comment or check email every two minutes.

Take a rest. Set a timer (you have it in your phone most probably) for 30 minutes. Rest for 5 minutes every half hour. Go and drink a water, open your window take a breath and say "fuck you" to the holy system.

Meditate. Meditation is the habit of concentrating. Meditation is about finding the focus.  Focus is a state of awareness that goes beyond just actions – it is the place of calm and peaceful mental presence in this moment. Listen to your breath. Feel it. Stay focused on it. If you think something other than one thing, just look at it, laugh at it and just let it go. Don't make your mind try to get rid of your thoughts. It makes it worse. Let go of your thoughts. Let them run like a river. 

Quote of the post: "All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume. " (Noam Chomsky)

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