Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Topanga Windows

These days I'm more concentrated in psychedelic music and fortunately, today  I have found an amazing band that I would like to suggest you if you are fond of this kind of music. The band is called "Spirit" which I've never heard before. Right now I'm listening to their 1968 "Spirit" self-named album. It synchronizes folk, blues and psychedelic music and in some parts it even reminds me of early Pink Floyd. I've came across the "Spirit" by reading this post on the most famous rock musicians who died in strange occasions. Though, band's guitarist and vocalist Randy California didn't die in strange occasions (he died rescuing his son of drowning riptide), I found it quite interesting to read that Led Zeppelin made a plagiarism in stealing the intro part of "Stairway to Heaven" from the Spirit's song called "Taurus". But I liked the song called "Topanga Windows" more. Its lyrics astonishing and they embrace life philosophy that I always share with you here in my blog and in my everyday life. Listen to the song and check the lyrics out.

"Watching the world through our Topanga window
Seeing people running through their lives
Sunshine's warm through our Topanga window
The cat lies sleeping
Waiting for the night
Your time is going much too fast
You've got to slow it all down or it won't last
And what will be will soon end in your past by
Oh, Topanaga window
Window window window

People searching for a better season
Try to catch their moment on the run
Always asking, wanting what's the reason
What do you want when you just want to have some fun
Your time is going much too fast
You've got to slow it all down or it won't last
And what will be will soon end in your past by
Oh, Topanga window
Window window window

When you find your own Topanga window
Look and see just exactly where you've been
Spend your time behind Topanga window
Come out from the city and
Let the people fill you in
Your time is going much too fast
You've got to slow it all down or it won't last
And what will be will soon end in your past by
Oh, Topanga window
Window window window"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Experience the true nature of yourself. If you don't know how to do it yet, then pause for a moment and try not to think about anything. Pause and look at yourself. Look at your hands, look at your legs, look at your stomach, look at your arms. Is it you? Or just meat and bones on you? What is you? Do you have a name for yourself? Not Thomas, or John, I mean do you have a name? How long have you thought about it? Does it explain your true nature? Is knowing enough for knowing? Are you sure of yourself? Do you see what you see or just let everything cross your eyes? Why are you there? What is your mission? Do you need mission? Do you need organizations to control you or you have everything you need to grow up and share your love to people? How long are you going to read blog posts everyday thinking with your laptop turned on? How long are you going to find answers to your questions and when are you going to love them without trying to find answers? And if question is wrong, which answer could be right?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shake Yourself

I believe in people. I believe that they can create everything if they will to.

 I believe that there's a little Mozart, Van Gogh, Schopenhauer, Dali sleeping inside us who just sleeps there without knowing it and who was never disturbed. I believe that we can shake ourselves one day, so Mozart will wake up and look at us like we used to look around with curiosity to people around us, to people who were watching us as we were taking our first steps.

 I believe that a little shake or thrill will make us understand our true nature. Nature who will be aware of nature around. Understanding itself, it will understand others, because our nature is the same and we all have that little baby inside. Different babies with different looks and without disabilities. 

We will be able to create and forget about iPhones, TVs, advertisements that make us buy more, consume more, eat more and live less. I believe you read it because you want to change, but I have good news for you. There's no change. You are there, look inside. You are sleeping. Wake yourself. Now! Shout! Shout with a voice hard enough to shiver your little baby! Say "fuck you" if you couldn't. Now. FUCK YOU! Great, you did it. Forget about this post. Go live.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Building Dreams

“If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs” - Tony Gaskins

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Past and The Future

These days people look more science oriented and tell new things that we've never heard before. For example, I hear Mark Twain's quote these days very often:  

"I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it."

 So they don't care about the future life and "hell" conception of the religion. The thing is they have forgot just one thing. What do you think it is?

 I have answer. It's present life. I think if we've already been dead, then we'll be dead again and will be born again. 

 Our life is full of pain, our life IS pain and no one wants to talk about it? Why we think we didn't have any pain in the universe before? How could you know that? Maybe someone or something just removed your memory cache and now you just remember everything starting from the day you can comprehend your environment? 

I even don't know my own reality and not sure about your reality and even scientists bothered to have a name for it which I will tell you later. 
But anyway, in this world where we can't really be sure of anything some people repeat what others thought. Religious people believe in God and they don't have any suspicions about it, as it is their religion, prophet or God who doesn't want them to be like that and have any judgment about it. And these people of science! They look the same. They blindly believe in science like religious people believe in god. What I'm trying to say is that first of all we don't need to keep repeating that there's no god as we can't prove it with science. Science is just there to tell " we don't need god's problems with the people and science explains it all". We need science for our daily life, but how much we need to dig into religion stuff? Isn't it enough for you just feel your own existing illusion? Our body may be an illusion, our pain may be an illusion, what we see may be an illusion . We have forgotten to live in the present. And we still live in future and the past. 

Yesterday I just found out that there's no "present". It's just eternity there. Present time is like a book which endless papers keep turning without stopping. We can't say this page, as as soon as we tell it, we'll have another page. And that page is gone too. It's not stopping. It's just going. To complicate, I can compare it to a river. You can show it's starting place and show it's ending point, but we can't tell which side of it is "present". We can't point to it. It's just endless motion. Present is equal to eternity and it's my new formula. Believe it or not, but it's all you've got.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Habits... They exist!

Today I'm not gonna write Quote of the Day. 

This time it's gonna be Quotes of the Day. Why?

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”  -John Dryden 
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  -Aristotle

Today is the last day of the week and I'm quite happy that I did my best to make it productive. It wasn't my plan though to make it like this. I just made new habits. I was a discovery. And new habits made new habits. And it made me more self-disciplined. Believe me, there's no magic in it and all I had to do was just starting something little and continue doing it. 
It was on 31st of December I discovered This free-to-register website was created in order to help people to not procrastinate in writing and write 750 words (not less) everyday. It says:

"The idea is that if you can get in the habit of writing three pages a day, that it will help clear your mind and get the ideas flowing for the rest of the day."

So, starting from the first day of the year I began writing 750 words everyday. I failed only in the first day as I was in hangover. 
Anyways, the habit of writing everyday in "750words" helped me a lot to make a new habit and learn something new everyday. Yes, habits are connected to each other in a way that

Friday, January 4, 2013

That Music Effect

It's been a long time since I've listened to complete different music than rock and classical. This time I decided to listen to Azerbaijani music (not modern, but of Soviet Union) and some Russian songs. I must assure you that it went deeply through my bones. It made me think of that effect of music. That influence it makes to us and our emotions. Rather than influence - it's emotion arousing. I don't know how our brains respond to the sounds and music, but I'm quite sure these music notes go deep and bring joy or sadness depending on the song. I think, that's the reason there are major and minor scales in music. Major and minor tones. Minor tones bring some kind of sadness, nostalgic emotions. Major ones let us be happier, joyful and proactive. It's like a game of music waves. Waves that go slow will make you slower, stand there with you and remembering that old good days or just think how great it could be if you had a relationship with that girl you met in camp last summer. 

That's magic.That's the most gorgeous feeling. Nobody could prove anything about it. I remember Kurt Vonnegut's quote I read a month ago, saying: "Music is, to me, proof of the existence of God. It is so extraordinarily full of magic, and in tough times of my life I can listen to music and it makes such a difference."

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Nothing and The Everything

“To understand the limitation of things, desire them.” 

― Lao TzuTao Te Ching

There are many pleasures we get from different things. Drinking, smoking cigarettes, weed - these are the pleasures for most, but right now I'm really tired of it, because it makes me feel sick most of the time. I want to have real pleasures. Pleasures which will last not hours, but days ahead. Feeling of peace. Inner peace! When you don't need money to buy something, but produce something out of yourself which gets out crying and shouting. Shouting in a volume that won't make you deaf, but maybe will open someone's ears, eyes, nose, mouth. Which makes people hear the energy, see the energy, smell the energy and eat the energy. It will be a new-born child coming down out of mother nature. Flowers will get new colors, faces will be brighter, with less black spots. Poetic nature of people doesn't leave them all through their lives, it's the fault of us we leave our inner poetry. Our inner artist. We are everything. We just forgot. That means we have to be open to everything around to face every little piece of wisdom of our own nature. We are so small and we are so big at the same time. We used to think that we don't mean anything if there's no god. However, it's not what it's all about.

 We can be everything and nothing at the same time. Just imagine the universe around us. Earth, the Sun, planets, stars, dusts, asteroids, galaxies, black holes and etc. How can you and I mean anything when there are 7 billions of people in the world and there are so many things around us?