Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shake Yourself

I believe in people. I believe that they can create everything if they will to.

 I believe that there's a little Mozart, Van Gogh, Schopenhauer, Dali sleeping inside us who just sleeps there without knowing it and who was never disturbed. I believe that we can shake ourselves one day, so Mozart will wake up and look at us like we used to look around with curiosity to people around us, to people who were watching us as we were taking our first steps.

 I believe that a little shake or thrill will make us understand our true nature. Nature who will be aware of nature around. Understanding itself, it will understand others, because our nature is the same and we all have that little baby inside. Different babies with different looks and without disabilities. 

We will be able to create and forget about iPhones, TVs, advertisements that make us buy more, consume more, eat more and live less. I believe you read it because you want to change, but I have good news for you. There's no change. You are there, look inside. You are sleeping. Wake yourself. Now! Shout! Shout with a voice hard enough to shiver your little baby! Say "fuck you" if you couldn't. Now. FUCK YOU! Great, you did it. Forget about this post. Go live.

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