Friday, February 1, 2013

February Challenge

    Today I had a really good time, because it is my first free of lessons day of winter holidays. I sketched out some challenges for myself for February. 

    First of them was to start learning French everyday, without missing any day for any reasons. And I have just finished my first lessons for today and I must say it's really amusing and not boring, also because I don't make too much lessons, I just do a little, but with effectiveness. It really works. 

The thing is, when you set yourself a plan for a year or a month and set that you must be fluent in something, mostly it doesn't work, because there is a big chance that you will fail right in the middle. You have a good start and you really do it well, but then suddenly you get tired and stop doing something for a day and then another day and then you just stop doing it. That's why I prefer doing it without any hurry, with patience and little by little. Trust me, it's better this way and you don't get tired. If you want to start learning a new language, then start it, if you want to start exercising, start it, if you want to learn playing guitar or piano or violin or whatever, just start it! Don't make any plans to be professional and fluent in it in a year or something. Make it a habit, proficiency will come by itself afterwards.

    You know, just a small habit, without any procrastination will make big changes. It will work like a chain. Habits are connected to each other.
I will suggest you to deactivate you Facebook if you spend too much time there. I know, it's not so easy to do it, but believe me, as soon as you deactive it, turn off your laptop (yes, turn off it sometimes, there's a life in outer space) and get yourself a cup of tea or coffee or just a bottle of beer, you will feel a disconnection for the first time. It will seem to you like you live in another planet and only you can do now is to call someone or write a message or go back to Facebook right from your cell phone, but don't do it.Feel that disconnection. Feel how artificial it is. It doesn't exist, but we still feel that we need it. Kill that feeling right now. Kill your illusion and start living a life.

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  1. Thats the case,why there are many people who works hard and too much but cant get any success.The secret of getting success is not only work hard,the main point is working properly.