Sunday, February 10, 2013

Inner Peace

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

 In our complex world where there are many reasons to be hurt and be distracted by problems isn't it hard to achieve inner peace? Of course it is. But wait a minute, is it you who is reading it or is it someone else? Do you ask someone when you read something? Then why to be hurt by someone else? You are riding yourself where you wanna be. No one stops you. Everything just distracts your attention to make you feel bored and exhausted. Then that's how people created... that specific word: 


If your are strong enough then you know what to do. But what it means to be strong?
I am not talking about having big muscles which cannot solve the problems. I am talking about peace that comes from you. If you are not angry, how can you be defeated? How can be recognized? Strong is the person who has nothing to lose. The one who is in peace with himself. That's the way of nature and that's the we have to be. I don't say we can't be rebels. We ARE rebels! We are rebels of the system which makes people lazier and weaker each day. Forget about TV, forget about facebook, forget checking your email every second. That's the way of harmony. You just have to be strong in it. You have to prove it now. Saying is nothing without deeds.  Most people are busy enough to think about it. They misunderstand each other everyday, but still they continue living this way. Why? Because we love to make ourselves busy with money, with jobs, with all the bullshit a human could invent just to stop thinking about life. They life the illusion in illusion. What a wonderful world of surprises!

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