Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Top Three Stories of Success (without a hard work)

   The idea of writing about my success stories came to me a week ago. I thought if you are reading my blog post at least once a week, then you would like to know who am I and what I can bring to you. That's why now I would like to write about my top 3 success stories which could help people to find motivation in their lives when they are struck somewhere and can't keep going. I write it, because I've been there, I've been in the same situation for the most of my life and I'm sure you can do it too. I've never been a hard working person, but still I kept everything going.

   My three blog posts will be about my top 3 success stories which have changed my mind if not completely, but at least good enough to understand what I was doing and why and how I managed to do them without a hard working routines, but with an approach of habits and effectiveness, not hardiness. Closer to the point the titles are:

1) My Guitar Playing Habits of 7 Years
2) How I got the 7.0 points in IELTS without a hard work
3) How I won the Blog Post Contest without a hard work

   The first one will be more interesting for new starter guitar players or any new starter musicians who don't know where to start and how to manage doing it everyday without losing motivation and control. You will know how I started it and how I kept doing it without a teacher or mentor.

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