Friday, March 8, 2013

Passing IELTS (without hard work)

This is the second post of  My Top Three Stories Of Success: "How I got the 7.0 points in IELTS without hard work".

I've never been a hard worker. Really. No, you won't understand it, until you know me, but I'll make you sure that I'm no way better than you.

I started learning English from the day I started going to school when I was 5. That time I wasn't caring about anything like all the children. Children are just curious about everything. Every child is a fresh body, a little sleepy body. We don't remember most of our childhood, but what we remember are the most influential ones. The day you cried when someone hurt you was as influential as the day you were born. The day you went on traveling with your family and met new friends was of great importance. Little things went big. The same way my father used to bring magazines like Newsweek, TIME every month form his job place. I hardly understood a word of these magazines, but I liked looking at the images in it. The cartoons, the people, the face of Bill Clinton or Bill Gates, newly-released game images and everything that could get attention of a child. When I saw an interesting picture with a sentence or phrase below, I looked for the words in the dictionary. It was not so amusing, but as soon as I got the meaning, I was satisfied. I didn't like the process, but the feeling of success was pleasurable. Little success. No one made me read it, no one ever told me to read it, I just liked it.

Throughout the years I was getting better and better, but I never liked English lessons in my school at all. I almost never did any homework in English. I used to do them as soon as I got to school. And still I was better than my peers who did it the day before at home in a warm place drinking their tea. The same was with the university. I used to learn texts on my way to university in a sleepy mood. But still I was good enough to remember the text and answer questions. Because, I had a habit of English before. That's not about responsibility, because one can have a responsibility only for oneself. Responsibility in front of parents, in front of teachers will do no good. Responsibility is created by the environment and it is not the real way of humankind. These are the rules of keeping people in control to be sure they did what you wanted to happen. Why should we care about education system we didn't want? Why should we care about the presidents we don't want to choose? What we need is to have ourselves. To have power on ourselves. If you lost it, find it again and start again!

So, what about IELTS? I saw my friends in university prepare for the exam. I decided to try. Man, it was different! I wasn't that good in it. I remember writing 23-25 right answers out of 40 in Reading. I decided to start preparing soon. But that wasn't soon... Until I needed a challenge that could drive me to do it. I had some money. And... I used them to pay for exam. It disturbed me. I couldn't fail now. I paid the money I earned by myself. I could buy guitar equipment or something useful. But I needed to give that exam to apply for foreign university. I started preparing. Slowly. Too slowly. Snail was faster. I had a whole month and I was comfortable. I was preparing by myself in American Center Library after my lessons in university. But most of all I used internet. I listened to Listening lessons online. I looked for IELTS learning tips and how other people were passing it successfully. I wanted to learn from others than act the same way my friends were doing preparing for months.
2 weeks left until exam. I wasn't ready. Now I spent more time preparing. 4 hours a day. Precisely. I wasn't that kind of hard worker! I just enjoyed preparation. I smoked a cigarette in front of the library, I ate a good food in a small cafe near it. I had fun of it. I liked the feeling of challenge and freedom in preparation.
The exam day was nearer and nearer. Finally, I'm giving my exam. Excited. Questions after questions. It was wonderful. I was reaping what I sowed.

The day I got the results I was going to the rehearsals with my band. I went to internet cafe before and looked at my results. Each section - 7.0 points. Wasn't it wonderful? All my days of preparation, of cigarettes smoked, of conversations with my friends passed in front of my eyes for a second. It was real and I wasn't dreaming. I did it. I didn't work hard. I just did it hard to not work.

What I can advise you? Just make it a habit. Think in English, write in English, read in English every damn article. Think that you are in a desert island with crazy monkeys chatting in English. Donate yourself little things that would make you feel satisfaction and pleasure. And please, do exercise, clean your teeth and breathe! Pay attention. They are more important than you think.

“A clay pot sitting in the sun will always be a clay pot. It has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcelain. ”

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