Monday, April 8, 2013

Modern Slavery

"The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states"
Mahatma Gandhi 

We are governed by the governments that ensure us to think that we are free, when we are not free anymore. I even think that people in Middle Ages were much "more free" than us. Because our "un-freedom" consists of two:

1. Slave is the person who can't stop or decline working by his/her own will
2. We THINK we have freedom

In ancient times there was a gold and silver to exchange for goods. But then someone invented money. And it's the time slavery got its best improvement.
From that time people forgot that it was about exchange. People began thinking of money as another way of success. Now it was also reputation, status, achievement. If you are a musician who has no money, you are not that good. If you are a writer starving in the streets or motels, you are just a fool. Loneliness was the best trick to lure to get inside the society which was already working! But loneliness is another subject that can be discussed later here in my blog. Because it's as important as this one. So, most of us are already working or if not, then you spend a lot of time thinking about getting a job or looking for it. At the same time we don't wanna be slaves and we'd rather think we are free in our decisions. To get out of that illusion, first just ask yourself: "Am I free enough to do what I want and still not starve to death?" If your answer is NO, so just get out of that illusion and start doing something for that. I'm not saying to you to get a job, which can also be another decision, but I'm sure you have better options than that. Why not to start learning something you always wanted to do? If you already know how to do this, why not to go for it further? Fear is the obstacle standing in your way. Destroy it and you'll be free. Fear is another illusion. So, if you have a fear you are a slave to your brain. And it's the worst!

So, let's conclude:

  • Slavery is not only the ancient type of working with the risks of dying and doing everything your master told you, but now it has got its modern version where you get illusion of success by working for someone and for money which is just a paper to give to other masters!
  • Before you think you are free, ask yourself: "Am I free enough to do what I want and still not starve to death?"
  • Fear is illusion created by us and other masters who just want us to take the comfortable jobplaces and stay in comfort box working for them.

Your question must be not "How to be free?", but "How to be free in a non-free world and non-free brain?" That's why we have to live the way that will bring thousand of states, thousands of pains and joys. That's the way to be free. Non governed by anything, but being open to the universe. Go for your passion you always wanted to do! A single thought of failing will make you fail sometimes. But if you go for it no matter what you'll see on your way and whatever will happen to you, you'll be the God of the Universe!

I recommend you to watch this video for further understanding of finding your own way in this chaotic life.

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