Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How I won the Blog Post Contest (without hard work)

This is the last post of My Top Three Stories Of Success: " How I won the Blog Post Contest (without hard work)".

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
Lao Tzu

It was in November when I was checking that famous student website where I found a new announcement on blog post contest among the bloggers.
The person who gets the first place would get paid 500 AZN (almost 500 euros), the second 300 and the third 200. It sounded very appealing, so I couldn't just read without doing something. I decided to join. And yes, it was my first time doing it! 

The idea of the subject for my blog post came quickly. It was because I had that idea long time ago and I wanted other students like me to read about the Bologna process in Azerbaijan and what rights they actually have and which are quite different than the European model. People always look for other examples, problems that are similar to theirs. It makes them feel better, because they are not alone anymore. Somebody has that problem too. So, why not to write about that common problem? 

I was comfortable by myself still excited about it, but not starting anything yet. I waited.
It was December already and 25 days left until deadline. I told my friend about my idea and we decided to do it together for better results. We didn't start until it was the last week for applying. I was relaxed and I was not in a rush. Just let that go for some moment and see what we can do. I didn't need hard work. Hard work will make me get frustrated and I will not get pleasure of my work. I wanted to do it interestingly and with pleasure, because my blog is my house and here I do what I want. No responsibility from outside, only me and only my laptop. That's the case. Not pushing hard, but focusing on it. Look at juggler's hands. He needed patience, focusing and time to learn it. And now he makes the balls float in air like free birds!

I wanted to make my post informative, fun and interactive, so it wouldn't be just me writing about the problems, but also the problem from other points of view. We walked around the city asking people to talk about their university problems and situation. We had a good time together and it was amazing to get to know new people and talk to my teacher about that who wasn't that interested in university like us. What I found out, no matter how old or how young people are, mostly we have the same problems.

I started writing 4 days before the deadline and it sounded great. All my concentration was only in it. Now it reminds me of the moment when i play guitar. I have no worries and all my body mixes with guitar and we become one. That was the same with the blog post. I was breathing with it, eating with it, living with it.

And yeah, everything is ready now! I added some pictures, photos and links, made some formatting in text and it was ready. Everything was in harmony. That was the case. Nothing less, nothing more. Everything is balanced in its place. And I applied. I wasn't expecting any winning, I just did my best. I know that many people repeat that phrase: "I did my best". But mostly they just do and call it their best. What is more important is doing everything in its best way and collecting it all into one single thing and then bringing it to life. That's the best.

It was the day of announcement of winners. January 26. I knew that there were famous bloggers from my country who have already applied to that contest and I was expecting at least getting the 3rd place, because "why not?". And here it is. My name is announced first. I got the FIRST PLACE. Well, it wasn't hard, was it?

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