Saturday, April 13, 2013

Top Websites to Change Your Life

       As a person who has been reading lots of articles from self-growth sites, I can surely tell you it's only in your competence to change your life in any direction. But there is one thing which you have to remember: Everything you read, everything you listen, every person you meet, every film you watch, every food you eat influence you in direct or non-direct ways. We just filter these processes around us. And I have always looked for the sites that would help me to be confident in myself and to find out that I'm not the only person who is curious about everything living life wildly. Like Steve Jobs said: Hungry and Foolish. So, here is my top 5 list (believe me, it will feel like a top 1000 list when you start browsing them) of the best web sites that will bring a new breath to your life and make you hungry for new experiences: 
Zen Habits is one of the most visited blogs on the Internet with 240,000 subscribers. I don't really remember how it was the first time I found it, but before that I was already interested in Zen Buddhism and meditation practices. Stumbling upon this ridiculously simple and here you can find lots of interesting posts by Leo Babauta. His goalless and minimalistic life style can inspire you to new ideas and lots of changes in your everyday life. 

Inspiring articles on free thinking life style, self-improvement, psychedelic experiences, meditation and happiness. Lots of mind-blowing images, quotes and discussions.

Though I started reading this blog quite recently, I think it's already becoming one of my favorites.

Though this blog post is for guitar players and songwriters who want to improve their skills, at the same time it can be useful for many musicians practicing who want to focus on their playing and improve just little by little. Check it out!

This is the site launched by Bulgarian Maria Popova who is living now in New York. Witty, intelligent and unique style of writing on new released books, articles on famous writers, artists, musicians and maybe even physicians! This site will just enrich your life with these inspirational articles. Have fun with intelligence.

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