Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Learned From A Boiling Teapot

I am a huge fan of coffee drinking. Mostly when I'm tired after a long day outside. I finish my supper, then I turn on my laptop, check my emails, facebook notifications. Then after I read some good articles I put the teapot on the stove to boil to make a coffee. Usually I don't expect it to boil when I read articles. I am always pretty sure (remember that word) that it's not gonna boil early. After a few minutes, as soon as I move my body from my seat to check it, I see that pot was already boiling for more time than I expected. It's always like that. It was boiling for all that time I thought it's just warming up. What a pot!

Moral Conclusion:

If you are PRETTY SURE about something, it's quite the opposite. Something is wrong with that, man. Go and check it out again. That's how it is with me.
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  1. Yeap.I everytime observed this case,thanks for mentioning it.And when I predict that my effort will fail,contrary case occurs.Because feeling like this way make me be more responsible.When I am pretty sure ,it makes me to be boastful and according to this one it will be unlucky.

    1. Definitely! When you expect a failure, you try to be ready for the challenge. And that's why you are prepared for such situations much more and do much better in these cases.