Monday, June 17, 2013

Simple Software to Rescue Yourself of Facebook and other distractions

I found that software called RescueTime quite long time ago, but I just came with the idea to share it with you as it is was really helpful for me to increase my productivity during all that time.
So, what's that software all about?
It's always down in the taskbar and keeps track of all the stuff you do, either it is browsing web sites in your browser or just looking at your blank desktop. The way how it works is that it has its own list of the websites, programs that are very productive (2), productive (1), distracting (-1) or very distracting (-2). Every 30 minutes it will calculate your score and get your productivity ratio in your account dashboard as in the picture below. It's really simple to get used to it and stick with your productivity.

I decided to show you my productivity chart when I used facebook and its comparison after I deactivated my account and got my works done.

That's when I was using facebook for the last time

And now... Look at this: "You're more productive than 55% of people". It makes sense!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Writing + Understanding = Learning by Doing


"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers"

Isaac Asimov

     It's already been 6 months since I started writing almost everyday thanks to this site. You can read my blog post about it to get to know more. All this time I was writing it sometimes like a diary and sometimes like a book or as a part of my novel resulting in better writing habit. Besides that, it helped me to understand myself way more better and to remind myself what I am going into and where I came from. It helped me to develop my habits and to compromise some other habits for the ones which I wanted to do more, but still was procrastinating. Just by understanding myself, I understood others. I understood that we all think of ourselves like heroes from the Hollywood movies. We are Hulks, Iron Men, Spider Men or Batmen and men, men, men and maybe Cat Women... I understood that people mostly are afraid of admitting their own mistakes and thoughts they think are ridiculous. Because that's what I was doing too. 

Photo from

      Even when we are alone we still are afraid of thinking about ideas society never let us to think. We keep moving to our goals the way our ancestors were doing just in a more "technically progressive" way. We make elaborate plans and are sure of being very successful when suddenly we find something very usual and stay there forgetting the past goals.