Monday, June 17, 2013

Simple Software to Rescue Yourself of Facebook and other distractions

I found that software called RescueTime quite long time ago, but I just came with the idea to share it with you as it is was really helpful for me to increase my productivity during all that time.
So, what's that software all about?
It's always down in the taskbar and keeps track of all the stuff you do, either it is browsing web sites in your browser or just looking at your blank desktop. The way how it works is that it has its own list of the websites, programs that are very productive (2), productive (1), distracting (-1) or very distracting (-2). Every 30 minutes it will calculate your score and get your productivity ratio in your account dashboard as in the picture below. It's really simple to get used to it and stick with your productivity.

I decided to show you my productivity chart when I used facebook and its comparison after I deactivated my account and got my works done.

That's when I was using facebook for the last time

And now... Look at this: "You're more productive than 55% of people". It makes sense!

The first week without Facebook

Feeling like a superhero here:

The climax of productivity in previous week

Previous week summary

What is good about this program is that it reminds me of my childhood when I had to my homework just in order not to get a bad mark, so my parents wouldn't criticize me. Now it's only me who knows about this 'bad mark' of RescueTime, but still it's quite uneasy to see that you dropped in your productivity in particular day or just during a week. Our rational brain tells us to get to focus and keep ourselves away from distractions. It reminds us that we are our own bosses and it always will be.

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