Sunday, June 2, 2013

Writing + Understanding = Learning by Doing


"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers"

Isaac Asimov

     It's already been 6 months since I started writing almost everyday thanks to this site. You can read my blog post about it to get to know more. All this time I was writing it sometimes like a diary and sometimes like a book or as a part of my novel resulting in better writing habit. Besides that, it helped me to understand myself way more better and to remind myself what I am going into and where I came from. It helped me to develop my habits and to compromise some other habits for the ones which I wanted to do more, but still was procrastinating. Just by understanding myself, I understood others. I understood that we all think of ourselves like heroes from the Hollywood movies. We are Hulks, Iron Men, Spider Men or Batmen and men, men, men and maybe Cat Women... I understood that people mostly are afraid of admitting their own mistakes and thoughts they think are ridiculous. Because that's what I was doing too. 

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      Even when we are alone we still are afraid of thinking about ideas society never let us to think. We keep moving to our goals the way our ancestors were doing just in a more "technically progressive" way. We make elaborate plans and are sure of being very successful when suddenly we find something very usual and stay there forgetting the past goals.
We are actually afraid of changes and we tend to stay in our comfortable place still talking about changes. Thinking is a usual habit of people around us. And we are not much different from them. So, if it's true, then why not to think? If like to do something different from others then why don't we start it first with changing the way we are thinking? Why not to not think about bad thing that happened to you early that morning and start thinking of what you're gonna do next? 

     We hate some people so much that we do everything completely different just to  prove ourselves that we are not like them. And we do these actions everyday. Okay, but the one you hate is not in harmony with his life, why not to be in harmony by yourself? You'll do much more better. Just don't forget of writing your thoughts down and looking through them to see what you were into. Seeing is a powerful habit like writing, not everyone has it. 

     Here are the tips from me for writing everyday:

  • Start small. Don't exaggerate. If you want to start writing everyday, start it small without a goal of certain number of words or symbols. You can even write a sentence, but once you start you will keep it going another day too and maybe you will want to write more and more.
  • Just write. It's not necessary of writing only on your daily productivity. You can even start your novel. Check out this link for learning how to start writing your own book.
  • Read what you wrote. Try to read what you wrote the next day. It will help you find your own style and keep getting better each day.
  • Simplify. Some people try to write a super story from the first day. Don't do that, it will only depress you for not being a good writer like Hemingway. Find your own voice and keep it simple.  As Jack Kerouac said: "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple."

      Now, congratulate yourself for starting a long, but super feeling adventure of writing and knowing yourself. And share this post to let others know about this little tiny secret.

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