Sunday, July 7, 2013

Doing something we love sounds good, but if only we had time to do...

“I think and think and think, I‘ve thought myself out of happiness one million times, but never once into it.”  Jonathan Safran Foer

 We all know how it sounds great to have a half an hour of meditation, at least ten minutes of reading, some minutes of playing our favorite instrument or just doing what I wanted for all these days and planned on previous month. But... It's all going all over as it was before and we keep planning what we have already planned. The circle is so small that it easily fits a whole month and then a year. What about it's gonna be all your life repeating these thoughts to yourself? How we call ourselves rebels and open minded when we have closed all the doors of hope? You go to bed and start thinking about your life again. You understand that you did nothing again, that it was all bullshit and you didn't progress to your goals.

Thinking this way will only make everything worse and you won't do anything you love anymore and you will stay on the same place. It will destroy all your ambitions and feelings.
But you know what? You are great. You do it right, except you are thinking about it too much. The only problem with you is that you keep thinking of it as a problem. Come on, these thoughts are coming to you like a ghost to a little child. How can you progress and do something when you just think about them? There is only one thing you got to do and it's only to do. That's why you don't need to do.

You just go and do! It's very simple. Start doing something with little efforts and no thinking for much time and you'll only wonder how it all happened already.

Keep in mind these tips:

  • As soon as you wake up and eat your breakfast, just do what you wanted to do first thing. Don't check your email, don't check your notifications. Just start what you needed to do.
  • Don't force yourself to do it until the end. You don't have to. Just do it at least for 5 minutes, but just start it.
  • It will be even much more easy if you will dedicate some time for meditation before starting your work. I suggest you to do meditation for a minute. You can just observe your breathing or concentrate on it. You will be happy to see how it works on you. For more information about it, just google for other techniques.
  • After some time with the work you do, you will see that you want  to do it more. If not, just take a break. Breaks during the work are the source of big creativity and patience.

I hope these tips will help you if you stuck thinking about what you should do and how to dedicate some part of your day doing something you love. 
Because these are not the thoughts coming out of my imagination, but what I experienced by myself. Good luck to you with that and feel free to write me if you have any question just to make it better!

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