Monday, August 19, 2013

Stop Trying. Keep Living

“This is very important - to take leisure time. Pace is the essence. Without stopping entirely and doing nothing at all for great periods, you're gonna lose everything...just to do nothing at all, very, very important. And how many people do this in modern society? Very few. That's why they're all totally mad, frustrated, angry and hateful.”
Charles Bukowski

While writing all these blog posts and afterwards I tried my best not to lose the habits I have had and keep challenging myself in different areas of my interests. I tried to get as far as I could, but honestly, the trials hardly ever worked out. Even the ideas that came to me to write a blog post are not coming when I think about them, but only when I let go of thinking too much about writing. Trying new things will make older ones lack the concentration and they gradually will have a lesser impact on you. You will look for new changes, because you think it's time to have adventure, which is quite normal. I emphasize the word "quite" here, because it's very common to us, the people to look for reforms in our lives and to know if we're better at something. We think that we keep trying, but eventually things start to try us. And that's the time of a big red sign of STOP. When we see that things don't work out at all and that we actually have more problems than before, we get down, frustrated and depressed. We can't handle so many problems and that's why we stop. This action of non-action (which is called "wu-wei" in Taoism) is really beautiful. Much more beautiful than you could ever imagine. The moment of depression means that you tried or thought too much and brain suddenly gives up. Your brain says: "Everything is so meaningless" or maybe "I am a loser. I can't get anything done. I don't even know what to do with my life".

    Enlightenment? I don't know. But I know that if it's what you feel right now, then you were doing something right. The frustration moment is the peak of the processes. Do you remember what Buddha said? Life is suffering. It may sound creepy, but this makes me smile. Because I trust in Buddha and when he says life is suffering I understand that I don't need to expect things to be wonderful for all the time. If it's good it's alright. If it's bad it's alright. It's just the way it is. So why to worry?
    All of us are trying to grasp the best ideas, the best works of artists and be one of the best and the more we read and know the more we realize how much we don't know. Mostly we even forget what we read and thought about. Probably that can be the reason why we should concentrate and live our true passion and try with a full - not half-hearted - soul.

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