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     It is not a rare act (if it could be called an act) to forget our experiences in a short time. By experience I
don't only mean life experiences of everyday observance, but also what we read, watch, listen or anything that we pay attention to. Society demands us to remember what we knew and sometimes it gets hard to recall. Afterwards, we get even called as absent-minded or mediocre for being forgetful, which I think is completely wrong.

We never forget

     First, let me tell you that human brain actually never forgets anything. It is like a computer hard drive without a recycle bin. It is called retention. You can look for it in web to get to know more. But there is one thing we tend to miss - RECALL. To connect the dots, or to be precise - neurons, which create neuron network by connecting to each other. In Hinduism when a person dies, the astral body remembers everything it has ever experienced in life. Even the smallest details of life (yes, even the moment when you were brushing your teeth!) get in front of it in a tiny moment. Probably, you have heard about it from the people who experienced near death experiences.

We remember by bridging

    Second, we remember what we want by making bridges between what we think of and what we need to get. That's why the more details you have of what you need to remember, the more it will be easy to recall that thing. Consequently, try to add as much details as you can to make it easy for you to remember in future. Remember how you were learning alphabet? Remember the pictures everywhere? That's the same technique, use it! Observe everything about the objects you see everyday or when reading a book, make notes around or some small pictures, so it will be easy to remember. Help yourself by visualizing.

You don't need to remember everything

    You actually don't need to know everything about what you read or watch. What we experience changes us anyway. The thoughts are doing their job and the act itself is sometimes enough to learn something.
    Read that zen parable and think for yourself:

A zen buddhist approaches his fellow in order to check if he understood everything about the morning sermon and asks: "Can you please repeat today's morning sermon ?" "No, I don't remember" says his fellow. "Then why were you listening if you don't remember anything?" "Look, the water washes the leaves, but it doesn't stay on them. Nevertheless, they become completely clean"

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