Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don't Trust Your Mind

    I'm gonna tell you a secret to let go your bad habits you want to destroy. And the secret is about the way our minds work and why we should stop listening to it.

    Our minds are really great thinkers. Mind is a good 'rationalizer'. It will tell beautiful lies and let you enjoy laziness endlessly. But mostly you don't like it in the long run, do you? You want to start learning languages, writing blog posts, getting out your comfort zone, blah blah blah. But how?

   Remember when you had to do something important which you knew had to be good for you. Now remember how you had found "good reasons" in order not to do that important thing. Wow! That's how our minds work. Easy. And they are clever. If you hadn't noticed that before, then start paying attention to the way you keep talking to yourself. You always try to rationalize. Stop it and you'll have the best of your life.

   Why not to relax? But why not to be bold and start getting some pain in your ass before you will get them lately?

    That's the point:

Listen to your self-rationalizations, and don’t believe their lying ways. 

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