Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Love whatever you do

From the practice of working in a daily routine one of the the most important things I've learned is the way of approach we show in different situations. It's not the thing you are doing at the moment, but how you decide to do it. Not only the way you do makes something successful or a complete fail.

Usually when there are many things to do, we do nothing and stress gets piled up with the tasks we have to complete. We don't know what to do with our lives, work, relationships with different people. Then we fail in everything and get into deep depressions. Actually we didn't do anything, but we did everything in a worst way. We failed to do anything. Why?

Because the way of approaching, the mood and mindfulness is crucial to let things get done in a good shape. Beginning the day with random thoughts, random works to do and stressful mood will bring you to random completions and nothing gets changed everyday. However, doing one thing at a time and getting into "love zone" with what you do gets everything into clarity.

What I mean by "love zone"? To get what you want, first you have to give something. What you give resolves what you will get in the end. If you hate what you do, then you will get more hate until you get depressed with your work or get into deeper problems. That is what they call karma. It's nothing supernatural. It's just the way of nature to stabilize and harmonize everything in the universe. Too much hate will get back to you with a bigger hatred. Too much love, jealousy and desire to lead will destroy you.

Giving love is about observing, surrendering and letting yourself go with the flow. New hard task? Look at it, touch it, think about it, hug it and let it get done. It will be done if you love it. You don't go to the football matches with the hate of the game. You go with the hope that the football club will win and you enjoy it till the end. You don't play games with the stress that you can lose. Because you love what you do. You love the game. So, what is the difference between the workplace and a football field? Or to make it more artistic, between dance floor and the "work floor"? Did you try to dance with the work you have to do?

How you determine the work, how you communicate with it, how you understand it and the way you see it defines the ending you will get. Relation to the work as a complete new experience, new dancing genre or just a new game brings joyful outcomes. Relation to the work as something to get over in order to get wage, salary at the end of the month and some happy moments with friends makes the work another burden of grey life. Just live it, work it out and get it done.

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