Saturday, April 19, 2014

Life Energizer: Cold Showers

I love taking cold showers. It makes me feel how great hard things can be. In the beginning it is very disturbing, annoying and especially hard. Really really hard. It makes you uncomfortable to stand under the shower. But once you start practicing it, it will be one of your favorite things to do.

I started taking cold showers as soon as I started working out. Cold shower after the workout not only brings a number of health benefits, but also calms you down and brings relaxation to your muscles and mind. It makes you more aware of the present and taking a shower becomes not only the activity of health and cleanness, but also joyful and motivating moment of your daily life. It's a perfect moment to feel the energy of your body, to feel that you can master yourself and take a true challenge. It can be very motivating and energizing. Not everyone can be so brave to take a cold shower mindfully and relaxed. Go on and check it out. Feel it, love it and make it special.

It will be really joyful activity if you let all your cold troubles go. It becomes easier and not that annoying once you get used to it.

Before you run to take a shower now, use these tips to stay calm and mindful while taking a cold shower:

Feel your breathe

Don't jump around under the shower. Relax, feel the water coming and pay attention to your breath. You will feel like you lack air. Pay attention to it, breathe deeper. Enjoy your breathe.

Enjoy the cold

I love the feeling of cold shower. It makes me imagine that I'm a viking under the waterfall or in a cold lake in Iceland. It makes me feel powerful and full of energy. Imagine it. Imagine the cold is your friend, companion and elixir of life falling on your shoulders. Be friends with it, don't struggle.

Stay calm

The most important thing is staying calm. If you start stretching yourself, exercising under the shower it will have less effect. Let the water run on you and relax.

I hope these tips will help you to start trying it out. Also, you can search all over the internet for more healthy benefits of cold showers. Go on and be a master!

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