Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to Turn Your Fear into Passion

Procrastination doesn't come from nowhere. Its source is fear - the fear of facing the reality with its hard and tough jobs to do. We wish we could start blogging, learn to play guitar, learn new language or just get to know more people. Then suddenly all our dreams vanish in everyday life of bullshit. We keep doing same things every day, talk to the same people (even online!) and get back to our beds at night with the same dreams of accomplishment.

Why does it happen? Why do we fear? It's not hard to understand the reason we fear. When you understand it, failure will suddenly become your passion and something you always dreamt about. It took me a lot of time to realize it and start the life I always wanted to without procrastinating. You can do it too.

Fear of failure

We are never ready to face failure, because we are not used to. All commercials, superheroes, motivational books show us life of non-stop-success. Even more, our brains are not evolved enough to strive for long-term enjoyment and happiness, than short-term joy. Thus, we want to be happy, get pleasure instantly. Failure never interests us. We think that success will knock the door like the postman bringing a letter. But failure is one of the main parts of doing something new. What you need to change is your mindset towards failure. Don't take it seriously.
If you fail, just say "wow", be grateful for that, accept it as your old friend, because you are one of the few who managed to fail at last!

"That's too much to do"

Thinking that there are too many things to do to accomplish a goal will move your procrastination to the next level and make you lazier person. Instead, start taking small, tiny steps on the way to your goal. Do something important for 2 minutes. If you liked and enjoyed those 2 minutes, continue. If not, then stop, go for a walk or just lay down or do whatever you want. Next day add some more minutes, do it for 5 minutes this time. If you enjoy, continue, if not stop it for now. Now you can do it tomorrow, because you have already done the hardest - a new habit.

Being uncertain

We fought the fear of failure, started the project, but now we are uncertain: "Do i really want to do that?" "Does it really worth it?". Yes! If it's important, if it's what you wanted to do and dreamt about, then go ahead and don't stop. You can doubt, you can fail, but never get off the way. It's the way of knowledge and the best experiences. You'll love the adventure.

Now, think about what you were procrastinating these days and what was the reason for that. Observe your emotions and thoughts to see the reasons hiding the real nature of things. Don't fear your thoughts, let them go, they are just thoughts! Go for your passion.

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