Monday, July 28, 2014

The "Other One" Inside Us

Our minds are filled with the sounds of our thoughts. There is someone else always present with us who tells us lots of things to do or to think. We listen to that person most of the time. He's very lazy. He tells us foolish, painful and harmful things, but we still listen to him. Out of curiosity he tells us to check out facebook notifications, go and watch TV or sleep more to get some unnecessary sleep. He never stops, because we like him. We like that person who tells us the things we will like. Because he is smart, he can manipulate us to do whatever he wants. That's when we stop being ourselves.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Why Exercising is so Imporant in Your Life

I've started doing regular exercising since January this year. It has been both hard and great decision to make. I needed to do it regularly to be in a good shape everyday. Still it's one of the best starts of the year I made.

That's because exercising is not only about being in a good shape. It's the way of feeling great everyday. It's the way of believing in yourself everytime you hit the gym or take your home-exercising tools to push yourself to dead end. It's about feeling your body alive and breathing.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to Let Go of the Failure

We make plans, decide what we really have to do and see the obstacles we had in our lives. We're sure that from this moment everything will be perfect. We make the best decision and we're sure it will be something out of the best of our lives. We start it, everything is going perfect, when suddenly we realize that we missed something in our plan and didn't do what we intended. Here starts the procrastination, delusion and self-rationalization. It was the ideal plan, it couldn't be so problematic. How did it happen at all? From that moment we make even bigger failures, because now we are free of plans. Everything is removed like the old unused files removed from Recycle Bin on Desktops. Old days begin again and nothing is accomplished as always. Why it happens?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

11 Challenges for 30 Days

Old habits die hard. To make new ones you have to start small and stick to it everyday without procrastinating, so it becomes a habit. What could be harder than doing something new everyday? Let's face it, life's best moments are the ones when you do something for the first time or do something you never thought you could. Why not now? Everyday we just think that tomorrow will bring something new and then maybe we'll be rich, we'll just be great and so on. It's not going to work out this way. And we already know it. We learned from our past. We have to challenge ourselves now.