Monday, July 21, 2014

Why Exercising is so Imporant in Your Life

I've started doing regular exercising since January this year. It has been both hard and great decision to make. I needed to do it regularly to be in a good shape everyday. Still it's one of the best starts of the year I made.

That's because exercising is not only about being in a good shape. It's the way of feeling great everyday. It's the way of believing in yourself everytime you hit the gym or take your home-exercising tools to push yourself to dead end. It's about feeling your body alive and breathing.
Exercising is crucial in our life as it has all the small parts of troubles that we face everyday. We can get frustrated, feel like we don't want to do it, though it's very important, get tired or even decide to give up. Once you start controlling your mind and your body, you will see how a small change could reflect all your life. Once you decide doing exercises or working out, no matter what is your mood in that same moment, you know that you have to do that exercise. You hesitate. You don't feel like doing it. But no way, you already know that the energy comes to the ones who give more energy. So you get started, start pushing up, pulling up, do situps, workout your abs and you are here on the floor. You did it. You were feeling so lazy 30 minutes ago. And now you just finished with your workout and the sweat is your gift. You go to bath, take a cold shower, feel the energy getting back to you. Power is here with you again. You got the control over yourself. Now you are trustworthy, energetic, in a good mood and concentrated like a buddhist monk. What else do you need now?

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