Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to Let Go of the Failure

We make plans, decide what we really have to do and see the obstacles we had in our lives. We're sure that from this moment everything will be perfect. We make the best decision and we're sure it will be something out of the best of our lives. We start it, everything is going perfect, when suddenly we realize that we missed something in our plan and didn't do what we intended. Here starts the procrastination, delusion and self-rationalization. It was the ideal plan, it couldn't be so problematic. How did it happen at all? From that moment we make even bigger failures, because now we are free of plans. Everything is removed like the old unused files removed from Recycle Bin on Desktops. Old days begin again and nothing is accomplished as always. Why it happens?

Mostly the reason behind all of that is our ideal vision of everyday life. We think that as soon as we start, everything will be smoothly perfect and that there will be no uncontrollable challenges, or even if there are, they will be tiny and not affecting our behaviors. But it's not true. We have already observed that in our lives. Actually, it's what stops us from taking the challenges until the end. This self-delusion will continue to chase us until we accept our imperfect nature. Don't be afraid of that word. Being imperfect is normal and no one is completely free from making mistakes or disorganized circumstances. The problem is in fooling ourselves. Be truthful and show respect to your real nature. Let the failure go and start again. Don't listen to your self-rationalizing thoughts that keep you from being the best version of you. Learn by listening to your thoughts, observe your actions, behaviors and mistakes. Let the mistake guide you to better actions. Learn how to deal with uncontrollable situations. Be a god.

Also, try not to attach to everything you want to make happen. Sometimes it's just a futile act to insist on something that has no value for you at all. Doubt your activities and see if it's really what you want to do now. Maybe before it was really useful for you, but everything changes and our habits should change with the flow. Listen to yourself and find your answer. Mostly, you will be right. You never can lie to yourself.

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