Monday, July 28, 2014

The "Other One" Inside Us

Our minds are filled with the sounds of our thoughts. There is someone else always present with us who tells us lots of things to do or to think. We listen to that person most of the time. He's very lazy. He tells us foolish, painful and harmful things, but we still listen to him. Out of curiosity he tells us to check out facebook notifications, go and watch TV or sleep more to get some unnecessary sleep. He never stops, because we like him. We like that person who tells us the things we will like. Because he is smart, he can manipulate us to do whatever he wants. That's when we stop being ourselves.

But how we can stop him from ruining our lives and just do what we intended to do before? Only by examining it, watching it and listening to it with continuous mindfulness. Once we understand his true intentions, we can bring our real selves into the play. From here the real game begins. Now we try to push ourselves right against that lazy person. He fights back. Then we create the "habit" person. This person gets so strong with everyday practice that one day he kicks out that lazy person out. And here it is. You won the game.

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