Monday, January 19, 2015

Why Do You Need to Unfocus

It's interesting how we humans perceive the world and filter our environment through our brains. For me, it's a scientific wonder and I think it will take many years until we finally understand how we think and how we bring new ideas into the light. Recently I have come across Coursera course called "Learning how to Learn", which got my attention right away. The first lessons were dedicated to how our minds operate and how to get most of it. For me it was a mini-discovery to find out that during the day we switch between two modes: focused and diffused modes of thinking.

You already might understood that focused mode is that time when we learn something with attention and when we need to solve a problem with concrete and strict dedication. Meanwhile, the diffused mode is "on" when we are rather relaxed and thinking about anything randomly. Taking a shower, jogging, listening to music or just lying on your bed will get you into the diffused mode.
I consider this knowledge as a new finding, although I have intuitively known it before. Especially at nights when I want to sleep, I start getting these new ideas connecting every single thing I have learned or seen during the day. Last night I even started composing a song which was hard to bear, because I couldn't just take my guitar and record it.

Unfortunately, in our busy world where we have to chase for the money and hurry to our workplaces, we stay focused in our problems and tasks. Even while taking a bus we think how to solve a problem in a focused mode, rather than relaxing for some time. It makes us even more exhausted and in the end we get small ideas that mostly don't work. We think it's alright because we have been taught that focusing on something is a must and distractions will only waste our time. This is somewhat true as wasting time is just a waste, but are we compromising this time to a less productivity?

It's like exercising hard every day thinking that muscles will grow better. Muscles need time and relaxation to grow and pushing harder everyday will just injure you. Same with our brains: more we try to think on solving something the less we give a chance to creativity and to see the better image.

Give yourself some time to relaxation and letting everything go. You will be amazed how interesting ideas will come to your mind and how creative you are becoming everyday. Letting everything go even for a few minutes will let your brain to connect the dots between different parts of your brain. So, when you get back to work you will have your brain "charged" for creativity.

By the way, yesterday I was learning PHP coding all day and then I just lay on the bed and started scrawling on my pad. Eventually I wrote a small poem and then I got an idea to start writing poems while coding. I jumped out of my bed excited with this idea and later in the evening I checked on the internet if someone has did it before. It came out there are folks even organizing contests in code poetry. Whatever, if you want to check out my new blog see here: I would be happy to hear your feedback.

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