Thursday, September 3, 2015

What I Learned from Working Abroad

Unlike Allie in "Permanent Vacation", saying "I'm a certain kind of tourist. A tourist that's on a permanent vacation", sometimes I feel like a person who is traveling to work for unknown period or just for a limited time to be back home full of ideas. That's why I want to share with you some of my personal experiences and benefits I gathered from working abroad both as a freelancer and a full-time employee.

1. It's all about discovering new things. 

Most of the time people (bloggers, coaches, business people, parents, teachers) will tell you that you have to have a single path or that you need to find it in order to be happy. This is quite alright and I am not against this idea. What I'm against is that they want you to make that decision fast. 22 years old? Why are you lazy? You still haven't got a job? What a rebel! 
Don't try to avoid these critics, as most of the time it's unavoidable. But try to live for what you strive for. Most of the time you won't have money to follow your goal or even accomplish something small and it's normal. Just don't forget that. Work in any field, but don't overwork. There are many opportunities all around the world. Try to look for something new, which will get you closer to your goal. Maybe you will find something much better and make a new decision and say "this is the shit!"

2. People are different, but still same. 

We have different tastes, different ideas and a lot of weirdness. However, traveling the world and seeing new people will show you that you are similar to others. You are as weird as other people and there is no superhero. In the same way we can say that all of us are superheroes. This is an axiom. There is no "one rule". Life is full of contradictions. Acknowledging that will make your life easier and less stressful. Next time you have an argument with someone, think what made him/her think that way and not other way. Ask lots of questions. People usually say stupid things. This is not because they are stupid, but because they are not thinking why they think (or talk) the way they think.

3. Living away from your close friends and parents makes you creates a difference. 

Living around the same people makes you the same person as your friends. You start sharing the same ideas and life values. When you start getting out of it and living by your own you start looking for new people. Or maybe you don't even look for new friends. That creates a new outlook into the life. Mostly, you are the same weird person. However, there are lots of little things changing in you. You start developing new ideas, you become more talkative or stop giving a fuck about every little issue. When you get back home, you are calmer, but your thoughts are shouting. That means you discovered something. Congratulations.

4. Most of the time it feels like you are not even in a foreign country.

As you get busy doing work you like you don't feel like you are away. There is nothing which could be called "away". You are always there around the people on the Earth. Borders lose their meaning and the only borders you have are your thoughts and ideas changing by each second.

5. Promises don't mean anything at all.

I've been telling myself most of the time "If that happens...", "if only I had that...". The problem with promises you make to yourself is that there is no special time and place. There is no ideal situation. Everytime there is a little issue and something is not right. I learned how to be ok with this and give up promising for right time and right place. Most of the time you are in the best place and have a best time. The problem is in our thoughts. We procrastinate by promising all the time and reaching nothing. That's why it's better to take small steps than to dream big and stay in the same place as the same person. Habits are hard to make, but at least being truthful to yourself is already a big step and understanding that each moment has great opportunities is half of accomplishment.

6. Thinking more about death.

I don't know exactly why, but traveling makes me think more about death. Maybe it's not about traveling, but getting older. Life loses its sense sometimes, but losing that sense makes me want to live more like there is something new to taste, to see or enjoy. I like it this way and I suppose thinking about the end of life makes you care less about every little thing and understand the difference between what is important and what is not. Death is not only the ending of life. Death happens everywhere. Even some of our habits die, some behaviors die. And there is a rebirth. Rebirth of a new personality everyday.


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