Saturday, December 17, 2016

Resolution of No-Time

Busy Time for the Mowers - Grigoriy Myasoyedov

The reality is plastic enough to play with it. Although it's hard to change our perceptions when we're grown enough to be called adults, there is some space left to experiment. Acknowledge this: look at the times you write emails in a haste, serve someone in your workplace, prepare for exam or write a message to some friend. There is a certain haste in those activities. Where does it come from? Look deeper into daily routines.
They have something to tell us. We are afraid that time is too short to do banality and nevertheless, most of the time we are still in the same routine that we dislike. What if we forget our ages and create our own calendar and time distinction? Imagine that months would be weeks or years would turn into months with unique names. Would it be the same for you or would you be more determined in focusing more on yourself?

In my country there is a funny tradition to name each year on some focus activities that are important for the government. For instance, 2016 was the year of "multiculturalism" and previous years were years "year of youngsters", "year of NGOs" and so on. That's somehow sound stupid, but there are more activities each year that focus on these certain courses. Now we do we have names of the year - like year of the monkey in 2016 - which are as irrelevant as calling a table a kangaroo. What if we took 3 or 5 years instead of 1 to focus on improving specific skills? I think we could gain much more insight on our past and present years if we knew what are we up to. Instead, we do whatever comes into our ways. We meet someone who offer us some good paying job, we meet some girl who is sexy enough to travel to her country to be with her or even just travel few countries just to relax and forget about our routine life.

When we take some challenges like finding a job, working full time or going to courses, we accept the limits to push us forward. However, we rely on others to do it for us with deadlines. Now, let's forget about deadlines for a minute and do something else. Let's call 2017-2020 the years of ______ and work at least 5 minutes a day for this specific thing we want to reach/have/accomplish. But before doing it, forget that you should get married or do something else as well till 2020. Call the 2017-2020 the era of Ubermensch and decide what you want to have till 2020. Programming? Amazing cooking skills? Better in writing? Now, before deciding it, you should also know that most people fail at new year resolutions. Therefore, don't start whatever you want in January 1st when you will have a hangover. Instead, start it today or tomorrow or even in February, but do it on a day when there is nothing special about it. You will be surprised that this works better than a resolution. Also, have strong confidence in what you do and write down why it's important to you. Acknowledging the importance of your objectives will make you more inspired to work on it harder.

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