Sunday, April 30, 2017

What I Learned from Going to a Dance Class

Some of my friends already know that I've been practicing swing dance for more than 3 months already. I go to the dance school, where they have a variety of dances and dance teachers. Till know, I'm satisfied with how it is going. I learned some techniques and I enjoy how beautiful this swing dance is. Most of the time, I suck at it, but I've improved a lot so far. Dance is like any other art and there a lot of similarities and paralleles between dance and life. The way how you dance, how you relate to your partner, how you control the movement and even breathe have lots of relations with life and how we live it. Perhaps, I could have many ideas about it, but there is one thing that really struck me today when I thought about it. In my dance class there are around 16 people who are as beginners as me. Some of them are quite good, but most of us are quite slow in learning how to dance really properly. It's normal, as most of the people are average, rather than great. When I learn a new movement, I have to practice it with my partner, whom I never met and whom I don't know. The girls are as amateur as I am. Therefore, we balance each other out. We make mistakes, but they are never the same in a pair. We have to control each other somehow and pay attention to the partner. Sometimes, you are completely right, but the partner can always make wrong movements. But, what if I had a private dance teacher? She would make no mistakes and I would learn a lot faster. I wouldn't need to "teach" her and it would be an ideal learning condition. So, how does it relate to life?
During all our lives we communicate with our friends, partners and parents. We behave in different ways. However, most of the time we don't see what is "the rightest" and what is the worst. I didn't grow up among the rich people, so I don't quite know what it really feels like to be rich and not to have very simple problems, like how to survive after using all your salary. I also don't know how rich people condition their brains. I read lots of books about it when I was in school as I really wanted to be a person who never worries about money. As I read so much, it somehow taught me some useful things. At least I built my small business 2 years ago and now I am the one who doesn't get salary, but who gets an income, which is never the same each month. Also, I tried different fields, such as graphic design, programming and music. I am not great in any of these, but I refer to myself as a person who wants to get deep into the roots of life and find out what is "the rightest" and easiest way to live life. I'm happy with it. I don't want to live working from 9 to 5 and I do want to pursue what I really want to do in life. However, my environment is not like me. My friends are working 9 to 5 (some of them are unemployed), they are full of mistakes, as I am and they don't know what is the best way to do things. Now, what is this bullshit all about? All our life, we have to balance each other out, to reach the point when we will finally arrive to the destination. This takes a long time and most of the time it's only until we reach 50 or more. And our teachers is the people around us. But what if we had this ideal teacher who showed us the way of doing things efficiently? They would be like my dance teachers, who would do everything professionally and it would take me less time to "arrive" to fulfilled life. Therefore, I am ensured that if not everyone, but most of the people do need mentors who have done quite a lot of mistakes to understand what is really efficient and productive. The problem here is, these mentors will want money from you for teaching you. I actually had one 3 years ago and I learned many things from him. However, most people will not understand this and will think it's very stupid idea to pay for mentorship. But that's also normal. Most of the people are average, as I said before. Now there is one free thing you can use in order to have a mentor. Read blogs, read books and go to meetings with them when it's free. If I didn't read those books and blogs and follow those people I met only virtually, I'd never be who I am now. This is also an environment. The only thing is how close you get to them. Do you want to be friends with your mentors or just spend some time for fun? I choose learning by being friends and following them. I'm an online student of life.