Saturday, November 18, 2017

Choose Life

I was sitting in the classroom, looking at the paper in front of me. The paper had questions on it with 4 multiple choice answers. I had to choose one, but only one in order to get a score. Choose one more or choose wrong one and I'd get less score.

Now looking deeper, I wonder, how many multiple choice options we have in some phases of our lives? Which choice is right and which one will make us look for new choices to score higher? Is there actually a right or wrong choice in life? If not, then what is high and what is low?
Probably the choices we make don't matter much unless we put a big effort to do a great job. That's what matters. However, we have dreams. Big or small, dreams that make us happier. The questions of life don't have right or wrong choices, but they can make us feel better or worse. Like multiple choice answers, sometimes more decisions can make our lives worse, falling to the ground between two stools. Now look at your life, are you making yourself happier with the "neutral", but meaningful choices or are you cheating life by ticking any answer?

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